Current NEWS

January 2019: Full tilt into new projects and session work, Catch me with


September 15 2018:  Full tilt into a new Solo album. headed into a new territory!!

March 2018: Working on the last few songs for VIRTUAL CHURCH!!

December 2017:Stepped away from ANARCHEON do to Work Schedule.  BONNIE SCOTT are in the works to creat a Bigger, Better, Longer set.  Look for it in early 2018

March 2017:

I am currently filling in drums for ANARCHEON.  Check out the SHOW SCHEDULE Page for all their latest shows.

Auditioning for SISTER SABBATH and BONNIE SCOTT in the coming weeks

AUG 2016:   Just finished a NICK MENZA Tribute Video

ALSO currently building a RAT ROD / Lowrider Trike!!!

MARCH 2016:  Bruno, Maroon 5, MJ, workin on more Drum covers!!

February 2016: currently working on Drum covers for my youtube channel

January 2016: 1st track "BUILT FOR DEATH" has been release as a FREE DOWNLOAD at SoundCloud

December 2015:  Has begun work on a mid 2016 CD release,  more details to follow.

December 2015: Signs to ROCK N ROLL GANGSTAR APAREL

 Machine has played for & even toured with are Jan Arden & Bif Naked, Green Jelly.....
I has acquired multiple styles of eclecticism due to being in several different styles of bands, which have broadened my playing capabilities.
Currently to date, I has released 9 solo albums (some in movie scores), Recorded music for local metal band FATAL INSTINCT, including a “LIVE” DVD and more.
2014 brings “Machine” back to DEATH MATCH UNION & playing guitar for GREEN JELLY!


Magnificent. Simply magnificent.
“MACHINE - Number 7 CD February 2008 Crave Underground >>Noted guitar shredder Machine (aka Steve Ricardo) has at long last released the first of two new instrumental guitar records. Number 7 displays just how versatile in styles he is capable of playing, from all-out wizardry comparable to Satriani and Vai to the classical flamenco style he first cut his teeth on at age 12 back home in Madrid, Spain. These twelve songs pretty much cover the whole range of genres- that is the many bands he has worked with like Messia, Cornucopia, Wreckin Crew (opened for Skid Row, LA Guns), Valhalla, and this year he is working in Jakkarta with Biff Naked. He even hung out with Zakk Wylde in Vancouver where he picked up some "pointers". Machine is the project that he calls his own and he plays all of the instruments on the cd, Machine knows no bounds as far as musical creativity, and one song in particular, Sticky Thumb, If you are a guitar fan, then this cd is definitely worth a listen”

BOB Cooper - Crave Underground

“NEW Release "ECHO DROME" out December 2011!!”ROCK LINE... on line webzine


About Me

Steve Ricardo

     Guitars, Rat Rods & METAL


Another Circle....recorded/live
Live She Cries....recorded/live

Wreckin Crew....recorded/live
Bif Naked / Jakkarta.....recorded/Live
Machine (solo Project)....CURRENT
Death Match Union......Recorded/Live
Joe Turner Band (DRUMS)....Recorded/Live
Fatal Instinct.... Recorded/Written/Live

Green Jelly.... Live

Bonnie Scott (ac/dc tribute)

Sister Sabbath (black sabbath tribute)

SYL/Severed Serenity/Prong/Brujeria
Death Angel/Kill Rythm/Nick Menza/Nevermore / Anthrax
Crystal Pistol/Dragon Lord/Dark Angel
Drawn & Quartered/Exhume/Apocalyptica
Dreams of Damnation/Forced Entry/Drain STH / Skinlab/Drown Mary/COC/Inside It Failed/Red Ant Army.......


For the past 10 years, I've refined my technique and musicianship while taking it upon myself to perfect the canon of musical availability that all of the guitar masters before me have successfully confronted. The result of my labors is a string of successful performances, along with audience and Media acclaim.      


Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing, Videography.       

I'd like to share with you....

Mine are the eyes of a composer, too.


Don't think that I'm confined to just performing. Oh, no. I have been formally studying composition for the past ten years...  to this I have written and recorded several Metal albums and Instrumental compositions.  I am always available for writting session.         

Born in Madrid SPAIN, Steve “MACHINE” Ricardo has been playing guitar since the age of 11.
Inspired by his Flamenco playing Grandmother, who in her youth was a guitarist and fellow school mate and friend of Andre Segovia in Spain, aggressively pushing him to play more as he had such talent in his fingers or as they say in Spain ”Dedos De Musica”

In 1990 he joined “MESSIA”. The move started his journey that took him through the 90’s on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime of memories & tours across the planet, until the untimely death of their singer.
The result that followed “MESSIA’s demise was the birth of “CORNUCOPIA” Machine’s 1st band formed in 1995. Recording 4 albums and 3 US tours with such acts as Death Angel, Prong, 36 Crazy Fists and more. Cornucopia disbanded in 2004.

2017 finds new doors, new experiences for him to challenge.